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Everyone that works for 5 STAR  has new flooring in their homes. We like to say we conquered that floor. We have a few types of flooring that we like to use, and some that we do not. Give us a call or send us a text. Let us know what you have to tear out or move to get the floor ready for the new install. It goes pretty quick and it is a satisfying finish. Before we walk out the door when we are done we turn around and look at it one more time and think to ourselves about how nice it turned out. 

Interior of a living room with fireplace and hardwood floors..jpg
Spacious rambler home interior with vaulted ceiling over glossy laminate floor. Empty ligh
Newly Remodeled Room Of House with Finished Wood Floors, Moulding, Paint and Ceiling Light
Installing laminate flooring in new home indoor.jpg
Wood floor and white wall, empty room for background.jpg
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